Amnesty Week. :D

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Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

The library has special hours for inter-session, which have been frustrating at times, but it reminds me of last summer when, while checking for the Pierce County Library’s hours, I discovered a banner announcing Amnesty Week.  It’s a campaign to welcome back all patrons to the library.  –Just ask your librarian and they’ll wipe away all of your fines.

Lost a book? No problem.  Loads of late fees? No problem.  “Just ask,” it said.

Then I noticed the date.

Oh my goodness!  It ends today!  –Needless to say, I called them up right away.  (Yes, I’m ashamed to admit I had fines on my card WAY past the point of being able to check out any more books.)  The conversation went something like this:

Her: “Pierce County Library, Bonney Lake Branch…”

Me: “Hi. I heard it is amnesty week.”

Her: “That’s correct.  Do you have fines you want waived?”

Me: “Yeah…more than I care to admit.”

Her: “Ok. What’s your card #?…There. You’re home-free now.”

Me: “That’s it?”

Her: “That’s it.”


I couldn’t believe it could be so easy.  I was thrilled!  It felt like the shadow from that stormy cloud in the back of my mind just dissipated.  Then I realized…Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?  It felt so good to be forgiven all that debt just for asking. Had I not chanced upon the ad, I might have missed out on the wonderful opportunity.

Just to clarify, I looked up Amnesty: (noun) a forgetting or overlooking of any past offense. (Webster-emphasis mine)

Oh Geeze…

I already know of an offering of amnesty…and it too is available only for a limited time. Only, no one knows for sure how short a time it will be.  How many people do I know who don’t know about it? All they have to do is ask, and they can have any and ALL past offenses forgiven and forgotten.  How awful is it of me not to tell them about it?  What kind of friend am I? “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 6:23).

I have a feeling most of us feel there aren’t many people who have not heard about God in our society. I know I’ve sometimes reasoned that way.  And perhaps many have heard of God, but have they heard the whole story?  That might be like someone saying, “Oh. Kayla’s heard about the library already.  I’m sure she knows about amnesty week.”  No way!  I think God just used Amnesty Week at the library to remind me what it feels like to hear good news like that and what it feels like to have to figure it out on your own…



  1. simplypochi said,

    so nice of u to share this 🙂 hmm.. i can’t follow your blog 😦 how can i?

  2. jeremy said,

    Be forgiven of all debts!
    Good one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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