Chile – Day Eight

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Today we visited the schools that are part of the IberoAmerican family. The kids were so surprised to see gringos in their classroom!

At first they went a little crazy, but before we left they sang a song for us. Guess what each school had in common:
A futbol field!
This is always the big concern, but we also visited schools with skate parks and weightlifting. Each school had an after school program to serve the community and keep the kids off the streets. The best part is that the admin first look to the community to see what they need/want, and then they build or offer classes.

We finished the tour with a café that sprang out of IAM. The owner roasts his own beans and works directly with the plantation owners. The coffee was goooood!

In the afternoon we had a puppet show for a local preschool. The little ones were so well behaved! We got to paint their faces afterward and we made balloon animals… until the first kid asked for a sword. Then, all of a sudden, every animal we had already made became a sword, and we were not allowed to make any more dogs, giraffes, or swans. Only “Una espada! Una espada!”

Once we returned to the church, we began another day of vbs for the kids. The bad news: we blew the speaker system. The good news: the kids could do our songs even without the music. And they even enjoyed it!

Tomorrow is our day to visit the ferria for souvenirs. Pray for safety of the group while we are out taking the metro across and around town.

**Note: You may have noticed that my posts are a little late… I type them at night in bed, but we don’t have wifi at our host home, so I have to wait to upload until I find some wifi while we’re out.


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