Chile – Day Eleven

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The mural is done! We painted an apple tree with Mt. Rainier in the background to represent our church in Washington near a Chilean wine palm with the Andes behind. It’s a pretty great representation of the partnership we have had with this wonderful place.

The Sunday School training was great fun and the teachers said it was very helpful. The majority of our group has been working with children for many years, so the best part of the workshop was that the team could participate altogether.

This morning at church five children who have never visited before came and sat up front. The pastor was so delighted that he stopped speaking to the congregation in order to welcome the little ones. I hope and pray that these new lambs are cared for well. They are so precious.

We spent the afternoon saying our goodbyes and trying not to cry. The church blessed us with a special gift of chocolate covered cookies. We are so grateful for the time we have been able to spend here.

Tomorrow is a traveling day. We are flying overnight, with a layover in Texas, arriving in Seattle in the afternoon. Thank you so much for your prayers during our journey. Please pray that this experience would continue to change the hearts of the youth on our team; that they would use the feelings of missing our Chilean friends as a reminder of the work to be done here in Washington as well.


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  1. Robyn Gunderson said,

    Thank you for your daily updates! They are very well-written, informative, a helpful overview, yet discreet! May you continue to know His hand, leading and affirming His work through you all!

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