A Scattered Heart

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A piece of my heart lives in Chile.

A piece of my heart lives in Chile with these boys.

I officially have pieces of my heart scattered all over the globe. When I look back across my travels I see a little plywood house in Ensenada with a neighborhood of kids who love soccer, a quiet seminary campus in the heart of Lima, a small shop-owner on a warm beach in the D.R., a Saturday of summer chores in Jalisco, and the biggest family you ever did see at la reunion in Chile.

I have friends from around the world who’ve touched my heart and taken a piece back home with them to Japan, Germany, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. And I’ve got teammates living in almost every state of the Union.

Sometimes I wonder why.

I can try to keep up with all of them, but the reality is, I will never see most of them again. So why did God bring these people into my life? Why are my heart strings pulled every which direction? If there is one thing my travels have taught me it’s that people are precious. A string played alone may sound a sweet tone, but how much more meaning can they create when played together?

Perhaps God conducts my life as a symphony. He guides the strings of my heart to be played with another for one movement, only to move on in the next measure to a new theme. Some themes are recurring, for sure. These are the people I continue to count on when a solo is more than I can bear.

Maybe it all boils down to Ecclesiastes 3. Certainly I would rather have the tug of my heart from afar than the absence of that string altogether. Each movement of my life symphony is but a small piece of the bigger concert. Indeed I can barely hear the other instruments at work as I keep up with my part. [Romans 6:13] But I know that it’s not me they’re watching. The composer and conductor is the one in center stage. I trust Him; that while I’m sometimes surprised by the instruments He brings alongside me, sometimes upset by the brevity of the sweeter sections, He is over all.

There may even be times of silence in this symphony, but the payoff that follows will be worth the wait. I know because I have the record of this masterwork’s beginning, and even the worst of times were always just the climax of a movement, or the space between.

A soundtrack for the heart-strings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov-u8bqOt7U


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  1. Robyn said,

    And think of the gathering of that family awaiting in eternity! It will be wonderful! All being a part of Kingdom work here gives a glimpse of that reunion.

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