I am not my husband’s shadow.

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I have dreamed so strongly of you.
I have walked so much, talked so much
So much I have loved your shadow
That there now remains for me nothing more of you,
It remains with me to be a shadow among shadows
To be a hundred times darker than the darkness
To be the shadow that will come and come again
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Wind beneath my wings…

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MP910216369It has gotten very windy these past few days in Ellensburg.  Strong gusts every few minutes keep you on your toes.  Just yesterday I was riding my bike on a sidewalk that winds through two tall buildings on campus.  A huge gust of wind suddenly blew exactly perpendicular to the direction of my travel, it caught in the spokes of the wheels, and it actually knocked me and my bike a few inches over on the path.  It was kind of scary, actually: the overpowering force.

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I loved her first.

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Father Watching His Infant Sleep

I’ve been listening to love songs on youTube recently (The twisted romance in the films for my Hispanic Cinema class left me desirous for a love more pure, even if only in song), but I’m pretty picky about the lyric content of what I listen to, so I pay attention.  In one playlist, I came across a song by Heartland called “I Loved Her First” (listen to it here with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMC5ijcWMoQ).  The song is from the perspective of a father about his daughter who is getting married.  He tells the man involved “I was enough for her not long ago. I was her number one, she told me so, and she still means the world to me just so you know.  So be careful when you hold my girl.  ” Then the chorus goes: “I loved her first.  I held her first…From the first breath she breathed, when she first smiled at me, I knew the love of a father runs deep.”

I thought the song was very sweet, but the first thing that came to mind was who really loved her first: Read the rest of this entry »

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