Look, God: One hand!

October 11, 2010 at 12:18 am (General) (, , , , , , , )

2036_bmxEarlier this week I rode my bike to work and someone offered me a can of soda. I don’t drink that much soda, and during my shift I consumed only half the can. I didn’t want to waste it, though, so when I mounted my bike, I just steered with one hand and held the open can in the other. No sweat. The problem was, with the quarter in full swing now, everyone was on the walkways. I managed pretty well until I found myself face-to-face with another biker around a corner…With only one hand on my handlebar, I didn’t have enough time to react. He screeched to a halt, and I veered out of control for a moment.

This got me thinking about other situations where I am holding on to something. I could have let go of the soda in my hand to better react to the situation, but in the moment I didn’t even consider that. Was I holding on too tightly? Was I too cocky, to think that I could maneuver my bike with only one hand, even in disaster? Perhaps the whole situation would have been avoided if I had my hands where they belong on the bike.

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