Challenger 1b: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

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Vintage Balance Scale

This post is in response to an earlier post called Challenger. It is Part 2. Please read Part 1 first.

DISCLAIMER: I am not God. Therefore, I do not have all the answers and I can only speculate based on my knowledge of the Scriptures and the wisdom God chooses to reveal to me. I hope this discussion can be an encouragement to you, but please definitely do your own research as well. And remember: many questions will simply not be answered in this life.

~ Part 2 ~
Is God Unfair?

There seems to be a soul-level understanding within us that things should be fair. Those who do good should be rewarded and those who do evil should be punished, right? We have a deep sense of justice built into us; it is especially apparent when we are affronted personally. Where does that come from? Read the rest of this entry »


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