That’s bad…no…that’s good!

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While attending PLU the first two years of college, I used mostly public transportation-45 minutes of bus ride, with several transfers. There were many, many frustrations over those months, but when I think back on one in particular, I smile every time.

It was a five-minute wait til my next bus would arrive, taking me the last leg of my journey home, and I really, really had to go potty. I had already passed the bus stop with a public restroom, so I was left dreading the antsy ride home. Until I spotted it… A restroom! I’d never seen this one before. Had they put in a public restroom recently?

I rushed over, praising God for His wonderful provision. Looking forward to sweet relief when…

Locked! What!? Why? Oh man! It must be an employee potty…

I turned around ready to mope back over to the bus stop only to see my bus pulling in early. Oh no! I ran over and caught it just in time. Gosh! If I’d actually gone into the restroom, even for 30 seconds, I would have missed my bus.  Thank God.


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