A Scattered Heart

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A piece of my heart lives in Chile.

A piece of my heart lives in Chile with these boys.

I officially have pieces of my heart scattered all over the globe. When I look back across my travels I see a little plywood house in Ensenada with a neighborhood of kids who love soccer, a quiet seminary campus in the heart of Lima, a small shop-owner on a warm beach in the D.R., a Saturday of summer chores in Jalisco, and the biggest family you ever did see at la reunion in Chile.

I have friends from around the world who’ve touched my heart and taken a piece back home with them to Japan, Germany, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. And I’ve got teammates living in almost every state of the Union.

Sometimes I wonder why.

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Chile – Day Three

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Today we got to put our training from yesterday to good use with two outreach events. First, we went to the soccer school to play soccer with the local kids. This was interesting because at first they did not want to mix teams. They wanted to play Chilenos vs Americanos, but we asked them to teach us and they came around.

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Chile – Day One

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Hurry up and wait, is what we did today.
Today was for travel, and the travel was long. A four-hour flight to Dallas, a three-hour layover, and then a nine-hour flight South to our destination. Praise God we made it safely, but we will need prayers for strength, as a nap is not in the schedule.

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Watch Out Chile; Here I Come!

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Mission Trip to Santiago

Hello Friends!

First off, I want to thank you for all of your support in prayers and finances. This trip would not be possible without you.

I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow!! We have been preparing for this trip for a year now, so it feels a little like Christmas. I wanted to let you know some specific prayer requests before I go. AND it turns out I will probably have nightly wifi access! So, I will try to post a (very short) daily update on our ministry and any further prayer requests. So be sure to check back!

I’ll tell you: the thing I am most excited for on this trip is the time we will be spending as a team. These kids are very special to me as I have seen many of them grow up over several years. We will get some processing time each night, and I will be praying for wisdom and discernment; for God to speak through me to these youth about this experience. Missions were an integral part of my faith journey, so I hope that this trip produces long-term effects not just for the church in Chile, but also in the hearts of the youth on our team (and us adults, too, of course!).

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